photoscan 25th of January, 2013

Three chocolate ladybugs for good luck.

chocolate, ladybugs, chocolate bugs, good luck, photobooth, booth, photo machine

photoscan 7th of December, 2012

Plastic transparent spoons from some place that serves food.

plastic spoons, art, photo booth, pronto phot, on face scan of this, concept art, andreas warren matti, awm photogrpahy

photoscan 2nd of December, 2012

Torn eyes from a newspaper cover.

A scan of a guy sitting in a photo booth wearing girls eyes torn out from a newspaper.

photoscan 24th of November, 2012

Black yarn randomly found in my jacket.

photo booth picture of a guys having black yarn over his eyes, looking like an alien

photoscan 21st of October, 2012

A pair of 3D anaglyph glasses, from a package of Kellogg's Flakes.

Here you can view a passport picture with a guy wearing 3d anaglyph glasses.

photoscan 12th of October, 2012

Hot coffee lid, likely from a Kiosk at a train station.

photoscan 4th of October, 2012

Toothpicks from the Migros Restaurant in Interlaken.

Image with a scan from a Pronto Phot print, with toothpicks from the Migros Restaurant in Interlaken.

photoscan 19th of July, 2012

Straws from the McDonald's.

draws, pronto phot, automatic, photobooth, booth, portrait, art, arty, project, photography project, art project

photoscan 14th of July, 2012

NESTEA Ice  Tea bottle, lemon taste.

Scan of a photobooth photo taken in Switzerland with a guy having a NESTEA tag over his eyes.

photoscan 1st of March, 2012

Lost Mentos CUBE package and NOT found.

Photoscan of a pronto phot picture with a guy holding a mentos cube package in front of his face, while pulling his hair.

photoscan 26th of October, 2011

Newspaper tear out with an article about Taryn Simon.

Photoscan of a photobooth photo with a person holding part of a newspaper article which talks about the work of Taryn Simon.

photoscan 16th of July, 2011

Hollywood Chewing Gum, Style from 2011.

Scan of a photo token in a swiss pronto phot photobooth with a guy holding a Hollywood Chewing Gum package from 2011. The package is next to the scanned image and contains two gums.

photoscan 1st of December, 2011

Anna's Best Smoothie, Fruits & Yoghurt, Mang-Orange taste.

A scanned image of a picture made in a pronto phot photobooth in switzerland. Next to the picture there is a label of Anna's Best Smoothie Fruit and Yogurt.

photoscan 1st of July, 2011

Lorenz Nic Nac's, Double-Crunch-Peanuts.

Scanned image of a photo of a guy holding Nic Nac Double crunch peanuts (by lorenz) in front of his face, and the scan also includes the original nic nac's pack used in the photobooth picture.

When the light dies

when the light dies, think of something nice.

i dream i die i live without you. that's good and okay.
i die i die and i die again. not with or without you. but yes, without you.

i don't need you i feel good. i don't need you i feel good.
i am fine i am fine. don't let me die tonight. dear lord, i hate you.

i will not die i will not die i will not die tonight. yeah, i'm pretty sure i won't die tonight.
i love everyone, people are good. you are a devil and i don't need you.

go away bad thing(s) go away. happiness and good things come to me.
all good things come to me and give me a good feeling and make me complete.

The Key

The key to survive is not to die.

How to be Creative


There's actually this thing about being creative...
we call it: "Creativity."

But what some of us may not be aware of is the essence of which your creativity, as we know it, might come from.

Either way, I'll tell you what my essence of this urge currently is.
I call it an urge, because if I am not, then I am constantly aware of myself NOT being creative. Meaning: "My urge is not being fulfilled."

One must have a muse. Although, what that is or may be, can differ from creator to creator.

It's nice to know what once muse is.
Hey! And as unexpected as this might come to you now (the muse of which I am currently nurturing from): "I am happy to have met you, my dearest M."

Thank you.

And When I Google google

When I Google google in despair, Google is the first hit.

So, what does this teach us children?

Yes Julian, that's right!
We will all eventually find what we are looking for.

Eat my shorts

This is a joke about thee who eat shorts:

Business Cards

When forgetting your new business cards in your pants before you actually wash them:

A rainy Day at the Cemetery

I like Cemeteries.

photographs of graves in a cemetery on a rainy day by andreas warren matti

photographs of a statue in a cemetery on a rainy day by andreas warren matti

photographs of building in a cemetery on a rainy day by andreas warren matti

photographs of a cross in a cemetery on a rainy day by andreas warren matti

photographs of tress in a cemetery on a rainy day by andreas warren matti

photographs of a building a cemetery on a rainy day by andreas warren matti

photographs of flowers in a cemetery on a rainy day by andreas warren matti

photographs of roses in a cemetery on a rainy day by andreas warren matti

photographs of a cross on the ground in a cemetery on a rainy day by andreas warren matti



Thinking of you there is so much to do.
All the s*$t you left, you ran out of bed.

Leaving all the dirt behind, instead.
The trash and the mess, including me.

It makes me feel f*$ked, like crap.
But your at home, happy. Good.
Now give your shoulder a tap.

23th May 2016

naked skull man with antlers photographed by andreas warren matti, awmphotography, awm photography, art fashion


My Website

My Official Website here:


It's a happening!

adam and eve, exhibition, ausstellung in uster, ausstellung zürich, andreas warren matti, awmphotography, awmgoescrazy, awm photography

In Your Face

Sometimes, oh sometimes, I wish I could blow up in your face.

comic of a guy blowing up or also known as exploding in another persons face by awm

Life without you

Lying on the couch and thinking of anything but you. Trying.
Working on my day job and thinking of anything but you. Exhausting.
Spending my weekends alone and thinking of anything but you. Masterbating.

Life can be hard without you.

be true to yourself

You've gotta be true to yourself. And if not, be ironic. Chill.



here you can see a painting by andreas warren matti of a face, painted with three colors.


S.Z. hanging out at the coast. Alone.


England! Is coming.
This is a photography of the flag of england photographed by Andreas Warren Matti with an old analog camera called Enolde on a Kodak Ektachrome T160 film. Photographed on the 03.01.2013 in Bristol, England.

This is a photography of the flag of england photographed by Andreas Warren Matti.

Come here Pussy

CAT! Come here!

this is a picture of a pussy cat by Andreas Warren Matti, the image displays clothes and magazine tear sheets.

Do It In Pieces

This is not a recipe.

This is a image of an ikea furniture filled with various items photographed by Andreas Warren Matti also know as Andy or Warren.

Power Hits


(links are first youtube hits by day of post)

L for Liechtenstein

Cut and Timelapse with Iphone, Hyperlapse + Splice App.

Clean Up

nice an- d clean

Landscape Photography

What, where? Did someone say "Landscape Photographer"?!?



Trees in the forest photographed at night with profoto flash by Andreas Warren Matti.


I recommend doing something abstract at least once a day. Please consult your doctor if this advise should give you any adverse reactions. Get medical treatment immediately.


You can't stay cloudy


I don't
really know
what to write.

Cash Money Baby

We all

need some

of each.


No comment,
Good night.

Adam and Eve

Well, these two died and so will I some day.

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